Film list based on genre "War" - 33 entry

  • Tujuh Wanita Dalam Tugas Rahasia (1983)

    (title translation: Seven Women in a Secret Mission) Set in the period when the capital of Indonesia is moved to Yogyakarta, there are two major forces in West Java who are revolting against the government; DI (Darul Islam) and Gozali’s group. There is a unit of woman troops led by Major Meity. The troops bear a…

  • Komando Samber Nyawa (1985)

    (title translation: Life Grabbing Comando) Sergeant Major Hasyim’s platoon, from Lieutenant Widodo’s Company, consists of brave men. Corporal Abimanyu is replacing one of Sergeant Hasyim’s slain men. Abimanyu is a dandy but doesn’t talk much. Sergeant Major Hasyim does not like him, and suspects that Abimanyu is only good at dressing up and unable to fight.…

  • Soerabaia 45 (1990)

     (9/10) (1)

    (title meaning: Surabaya in 1945) Set on 10 November in Surabaya, this historical event, features historic leaders, such as Bung Tomo, the tearing of the Dutch flag, the killing of a British general etc. This heroic tale is a grassroot point of view of history.