Film list based on genre "Thriller" - 97 entry

  • Autobiography (2023)

    Eighteen-year-old housekeeper Rakib (Kevin Ardilova) has been living idly in a rural mansion when Purna (Arswendy Bening Swara), the owner of the house, unexpectedly returns. A retired general, Purna has declared himself a candidate in the local mayoral election, running a campaign focused on modernization and development. The village regularly experiences power outages and Purna proposes…

  • The Deadly Love Poem (2023)

    The story of Ranum (Mawar Eva de Jongh), who is always tricked by the sweet words of men who then betray her and later ends with death by a mysterious figure. Ranum’s family drama revolves around deceit; it is poetic, romantic, and hilarious which instantly turns into terror.

  • Kamu Tidak Sendiri (2022)

     (7/10) (1)

    Title translation: You Are Not Alone Set in an office building at night, Mira (Adinia Wirasti), a workaholic, ambitious and independent person works late and is about to go home. In the elevator, she meets Mika (Ganindra Bimo), a stranger who works in the same building as Mira. As soon as they got into the elevator,…

  • The Last Prank (2022)

     (3/10) (1)

    A prank proposal video by Wildan (Onadio Leonardo) and Anneth (Febby Rastanty) accidentally went viral a year ago. This made Wilda and Anneth decide to become YouTubers. They focus on their own prank content, until finally hiring Ghea (Givina Lukitadewi) as the creative team. In order to compete with other content creators, Wildan often creates extreme…

  • Tutuge (2022)

     (4/10) (4)

    The presence of Ameera (Rania Putrisari) in Bali is actually looking for inspiration to break her deadlock as a mystery writer. Ameera's encounter with Ketut (Langlang Buana) leads her into the mysterious story of a Balinese woman, Laras (Imelda Therrine), a very artistic villa owner. Many mysteries that are full of irregularities and thousands of question…

  • Clandestine (2022)

     (3/10) (1)

    Yoko (Dannia Salsabilla), the only daughter of Pak Pras (Tegar Satrya), a retired soldier, is taken hostage along with Damar (Abun Sungkar), a school friend. The hostage-taker's demands: a sum of money from Pras and his members who had previously been involved in a military operation. The anti-terror police are trying to negotiate with the hostage-taker…

  • Teka-teki Tika (2021)

     (4/10) (2)

    Title translation: Tika Puzzles Budiman (Ferry Salim), a rich businessman, while celebrating his wedding anniversary, is surprised by the appearance of a woman who claims to be his biological child, Tika (Sheila Dara Aisha). Split in the family is inevitable and behind that, is a secret about Tika's identity.

  • Vidkill (2021)

    Stella (Estelle Linden) and her best friends, Cheryl (Gesya Shandy) and Kimi (Shindy Huang), decide to take a vacation before Stella releases her bachelorhood at a villa not far from Jakarta. When Cheryl and Kimi go to buy dinner, Stella decides to talk to Theo (Pradikta Wicaksono) through a video call. That's when Theo who is…

  • Death Knot (2021)

     (4/10) (2)

    Shortly after simultaneously experiencing premonitions about their mother, siblings Hari (Sunny) and Eka (Widika Sidmore) learn that she has committed suicide. With Eka’s fiance Adi (Morgan Oey) in tow, they travel to their impoverished home village to attend the funeral and find a caretaker for the family property. The locals are not particularly welcoming as the…

  • Paranoia (2021)

     (8/10) (1)

    Dina ((Nirina Zubir)) runs away with her teenage daughter Laura ((Caitlin North-Lewis)) after her abusive husband Gion ((Lukman Sardi)) gets imprisoned. However, Gion is released from the prison due to the pandemic and Dina is panicking because not only she took Laura but also took Gion’s valuable antique statue away. Raka ((Nicolas Saputra)), a mysterious man…