Film list based on genre "Musical" - 35 entry

  • Laskar Semut Merah (2014)

     (9/10) (1)

    Title translation: Red Ant Troop This children musical film tells the story about friendship and adventures of five girls who call their group the Red Ants. In the midst of their excitement of the scouts actitvities in the woods, they do not realize the dangers that are threatening.

  • Crush (2014)

     (4.5/10) (4)

    The Producer asks Cherrybelle to make a new dance choreography to enhance their image becoming more progressive than other girl band in Indonesia. The management bring in a new coach, Andre, a senior dancer in Jakarta. Andre’s presence makes ​​a member Cherrybelle embarrassed, especially Kezia. One da, Andre finds a love letter from a secret fan.…

  • Cahaya Kecil (2013)

     (10/10) (1)

    Title translation: Small Light Gilang Krishna (Petra Sihombing) doesn’t resume his music study in America because his father, Arya Krishna (Andy /rif) goes to jail due to drugs. Gilang gets angry with his father whom he loves and admires. Abraham (Verdi Solaiman), Arya’s former manager, urges Gilang to enter the music world. Gilang uses the sad…

  • Coboy Junior the Movie (2013)

     (5/10) (7)

    It’s a story of Coboy Junior’s (Bastian, Iqbal, Aldi, Kiki) struggle to participate in the biggest singing and dancing competition in Indonesia. The competition is not only the arena to prove oneself as the best but also a crucial process of a coming of age, character-building, and priority-learning for each of the member’s lives. Bastian has…

  • Ambilkan Bulan (2012)

     (9/10) (2)

    Title translation: Fetch Me the Moon Amelia (Lana Nitibaskara) is a lonely 10 years old girl. Ratna (Astri Nurdin), her mother, is too busy working as an HRD manager in a private company in Jakarta. After her husband’s death (Agus Kuncoro), Ratna is a single parent who has to make ends meet. Her time is all…

  • Love Is U (2012)

     (5/10) (6)

    It’s a story about how Cherry Belle, a girlband of nine members, is founded. This film sums up the problems that each member has since the band exists. To become a solid, harmonious band, the nine girls have to live together for a month in one house. Not only learning how to dance and sing, they…

  • Langit Biru (2011)

    Biru, Amanda and Tomtim, childhood bestfriends and seventh grade classmates, live close to each other in a residential complex. Biru is the only child of Daniel, a pilot. Biru’s mother dies when he is seven. The packed flight schedule results in the disrupted communication and relationship between Daniel and Biru. Amanda, the first daughter of Henry…

  • Rumah Tanpa Jendela (2011)

     (6.5/10) (4)

    (title translation: House Without Windows) Rara, 8, wants a small window in her hut located in the slum area of Menteng Pulo, Jakarta. Mbok, Rara's ailing grandmother and her father, Raga, do not have enough money to buy the window. So Rara and friends busk for money in the streets or rent out umbrellas on raining…

  • Dawai 2 Asmara (2010)

     (3/10) (2)

    (title translation: The String of Two Loves) Ridho, who is studying overseas, is called home by his father, Rhoma Irama, to continue his struggle of giving "a new style" to Dangdut music. But Ridho is undecided about going back to Thufa, his love from junior high school or to stay with his new love, Haura, an…

  • Laskar Cilik (2010)

     (10/10) (1)

    (title translation: Little Troop) Marisa and Dino belong to competing gangs. Marisa's father is handling a construction project in the village of Megar, so he brings along his wife and daughter, and her best friend, Ella. On the way, her father's business rivals kidnap both husband and wife. Marisa manages to escape and is discovered by…