Film list based on genre "Musical" - 33 entry

  • Sabyan Menjemput Mimpi (2019)

     (1/10) (1)

    Title translation: Sabyan Grabs the Dream The story of youngsers led by Ayus (Ayus Sabyan) to build and develop a gambus musical group called Sabyan. Many interesting stories behind their struggle to reach a dream. They start to get famous thanks to simple video uploads on Youtube. Sabyan starts to have fans. There are even fanatical…

  • Doremi & You (2019)

     (5.5/10) (2)

    Four friends: Putri (Naura), Anisa (Nashwa Zahira), Imung (Fatih Unru), and Markus (Toran Waibro), try to change the money from the extracurricular choir that they accidentally omitted, by participating in the Doremi & You singing competition. The struggle of the four friends to win the competition is difficult when Reno (Devano), the choir assistant coach who…

  • Naura & Genk Juara the Movie (2017)

     (7/10) (3)

    Title translation: Naura & Champion Gang the Movie Naura, Okky, and Bimo were chosen to represent their schools to compete in the science competition at Creative Tent which is located in Situ Gunung rain forest, Sukabumi. This adventure meets them with Kipli, a small ranger who is defeating the Trio Licik effort, a wild animal trade…

  • Musik untuk Cinta (2017)

    Title translation: Music for Love Cecep (Ian Kasela) comes from a humble family in the village of Cilimus, Cirebon, West Java. His family’s encouragement to quickly married makes him to get a lover for his life companion. He determines to go to the city to look for a girl. However, his intention is received as banter…

  • Ini Kisah Tiga Dara (2016)

     (5/10) (4)

    Title translation: The Story of the Three Sisters Since their mother died, the three sisters are brought by their father, Krishna, to the east of Flores, to a small seaside town. They build a beautiful boutique hotel, to continue the ideals of the mother. Gendis (32), the first daughter, has a passion for cooking. All her…

  • Pacarku Anak Koruptor (2016)

     (3/10) (2)

    Title translation: My boyfriend is a Corruptor’s Son Sayanda, a nationalist, every day has to face her friends who are members of jerk gangs: Blujin Belel, Selendank, and Cepak Ngehek. In addition to drug use, these gang members also haa a hobby to bet on illegal street racing. Sayanda is never bored to tell them to…

  • Persembahan Terakhir the Movie (2015)

    Title translation: The Last Offering One day Silvia (Annabella Jusuf) meets with Anto (Faiz Zaldi) who idolizes Michael Jackson. The child has leukemia. Silvia wants to comfort him. She asksfor help to her boyfriend Fadly Jackson to be Michael Jackson Impersonator again for the last time. But it is not an easy thing for Fadly, because…

  • Suka Suka Super Seven dan Idola Cilik dalam Habis Gelap Menuju Terang (2014)

    Title translation: Super Seven & Kid Idol in From Darkness to Brightness The film tells three stories. Among them is about Super 7 when hit by crisis. Assisted by their management, they visited the shelter of cancer patients and the slums of Jakarta. Then they discover that life does not always go smoothly as expected.

  • Laskar Semut Merah (2014)

     (9/10) (1)

    Title translation: Red Ant Troop This children musical film tells the story about friendship and adventures of five girls who call their group the Red Ants. In the midst of their excitement of the scouts actitvities in the woods, they do not realize the dangers that are threatening.

  • Crush (2014)

     (4.5/10) (4)

    The Producer asks Cherrybelle to make a new dance choreography to enhance their image becoming more progressive than other girl band in Indonesia. The management bring in a new coach, Andre, a senior dancer in Jakarta. Andre’s presence makes ​​a member Cherrybelle embarrassed, especially Kezia. One da, Andre finds a love letter from a secret fan.…