Film list based on genre "Legend" - 43 entry

  • Nyi Mas Gandasari (1989)

    In a legend from Cirebon, there is a princess, Nyi Mas Gandasari, who is born out of a long meditation of Ki Gendeng Selapandan. Selapandan then puts the princess in the care of Sunan Gunung Jati to be taught religion and mystical powers. As she is beautiful and wise, Nyi Mas Gandasari has many suitors asking…

  • Sesepuh Majapahit (1995)

     (10/10) (1)

    (title translation: The Elders of Majapahit)

  • Fatahillah (1997)

    Disappointed after seeing his homeland, Pasai, destroyed by the Portuguese, Fadhilah Khan, later known as Fatahillah or Fala Tehan, completes his education in the Holy Land, then joins Sultan Trenggono who rules the Sultanate of Demak. He gains a respectable position as a cleric, then marries the sister of the Emperor, Ratu Pembayun, and Ratu Ayu,…