Film list based on genre "Horor" - 465 entry

  • Qodrat (2022)

    For decades using ruqyah to help people, Ustadz Qodrat (Vino G Bastian) failed to ruqyah his own son, Alif Al-Fatanah (Jason Bangun) who was possessed by a demon named Assuala. Looking for answers to his worries, Qodrat returns to the boarding school in the village where he studied. He finds the place is no longer what…

  • Rumah Kaliurang (2022)

    Title translation: Kaliurang House Bram (Randy Pangalila), Rani (Shareefa Daanish), Kinan (Erika Carlina), Aji (Wafda Saifan Lubis), and Anom (Khiva Iskak) realize their vacation plans. On the way, they accidentally bump into something. Surprisingly, when they checked, they doesn't hit anything. In the midst of the interruption, Kinan suddenly wants to pee and asked her boyfriend,…

  • Kalian Pantas Mati (2022)

    Rakka (Emir Mahira) was born with the ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead. This ability burdens and tortures him, as they often appear to help settle their grudges or solve their problems. Rakka often helps police to uncover murder suspects and find where victims are buried. Rakka's ability makes him ostracized at school.…

  • The Womb (2022)

    Wulan (Naysila Mirdad), a supermarket employee is abandoned by his boyfriend after finding out about her early pregnancy. Wulan take responsibility for herself and starts to find solutions online. One day, Wulan stumbles upon a “support pregnancy” on her social media page. From that group, Wulan finally finds a solution by a family to adopt her…

  • Pamali (2022)

    Title translation: Taboo Jaka Sunarya (Marthino Lio), who recently lost his job, and his wife, Rika (Putri Ayudya) want to sell the house left by their parents to start a new life. In the village, they accidentally violated the customs that have become traditions, thus facing the existence of spirits that threaten their lives.

  • Jagat Arwah (2022)

    Title translation: Spirit Universe The sudden and suspicious death of his father, Sukmo (Kiki Narendra), pushes Raga (Ari Irham) to explore his mystical life. Including the fact that he is a descendant of the balancing of the Spirit Universe as well as the Human Universe who holds the 7th Aditya. The dream of being a member…

  • Jailangkung: Sandekala (2022)

     (6.5/10) (3)

    Title translation: Jailangkung: Twilight The supernatural terror centers on Adrian (Dwi Sasono), his wife Sandra (Titi Kamal), and their two children, Niki (Syifa Hadju) and Kinan (Muzakki Ramdhan), who are on vacation out of town. While in a lake that becomes their destination, Kinan mysteriously disappear without a trace at sunset. The family search for Kinan…

  • Mumun (2022)

     (6/10) (3)

    Mumun (Acha Septriasa) wants to marry her fiancé, Juned (Dimas Aditya). But, before marriage She looses her live. Unfortunately, Mumun's pocong rope is neglected to be removed by Husein (Mandra), the gravedigger. Mumun becomes a pocong and brings havoc to the people. Juned, who still couldn't let go of her departure, couldn't accept she was called…

  • Wanalathi (2022)

     (3/10) (1)

    Proving the difference between lotus flowers and teratai requires Akbar et al to travel into the forest. The forest they enter is controlled by a syndicate of illegal gold miners led by Marco.

  • Tumbal Hitam: Darah Anak Melik (2022)

     (2/10) (1)

    A husband and wife live in poverty. When the wife is pregnant, they want to change their destiny to become rich. They seek rich mantra by sacrificing the blood of an indigo child.