Film list based on genre "Horor" - 318 entry

  • Arumi (2018)

     (4/10) (1)

    15 years after the murder of her mother and brother, Rasty (Ardina Rasti) invites four friends to his parents' villa. The visit that is originally just for vacation, ends up far from their expectations. They meet a mysterious little girl named Lily (Rizka Maharani), who befriends an astral figure named Arumi (Rebecca Tamara). Lily and Arumi…

  • Leak (2017)

  • Mata Batin (2017)

     (6/10) (4)

    Title translation: Inner Eyes Alia (Jessica Mila) decides to leave Bangkok and return to Jakarta once her parents die. He and Abel (Bianca Hello), his teenage sister, move into their childhood home away from the city. Abel does not like the house. He says there exist 'the other'. Alia and Davin (Denny Sumargo), Alia's boyfriend, never…

  • Keluarga Tak Kasat Mata (2017)

     (5/10) (4)

    Title translation: The Invisible Family Genta tells a story about his office in Yogyakarta. The story begins when his office moves to a new building. Genta and his colleagues begin to experience events beyond reason. Their nights became a moment of tension. One by one the employees are faced with the figures who want to give…

  • After School Horror 2 (2017)

     (2/10) (1)

    Putra (Dheyvin Putra) is obsessed to be Eva's (Yoriko Angeline) boyfriend, a beautiful and popular girl in Kharisma high school. Eva does not like Putra who is far from attractive. Rangga (Randy Martin ) and his girlfriend Sandra (Cassandra Lee ) tell Putra that his wish is futile because Eva is a materialist girl who just…

  • Gasing Tengkorak (2017)

     (3/10) (1)

    Title translation: Skull Top Veronica (Nikita Willy), a diva, suddenly falls unconscious during her performance. After getting help, she decides to calm down. Michael (Rendy Krisna), her manager, gets a place: a beautiful, luxurious, and remote villa. After entering the villa, Veronica tells Michael to leave her alone. The early stay in the villa is a…

  • Devil’s Whisper (2017)

     (4/10) (1)

    15 year-old Alejandro Duran or Alex, who comes from a religious Latino family, aspires to one day be a Catholic priest. But when Alex discovers a mysterious box he unwittingly unleashes a demonic spirit bent on possessing him. Alex must find a way to defeat this ancient demon, which has been tormenting children since the dawn…

  • Gunung Bawakaraeng (2017)

    Title translation: Mount Bawakaraeng Mount Bawakaraeng’s myths makes a group of climbers curious to prove its truth, especially the Jakarta climber named Jey. One day Jey asks the climbers from Makassar to drive him to Mount Bawakaraeng, but the climbers from Makassar think that the task is beyond their ability. Jey takes out 15 million rupiahs…

  • Mereka Yang Tak Terlihat (2017)

     (4.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Invisible People Lidya (Sophia Latjuba), single parent, has two daughters: Saras (Estelle Linden) and Laras (Bianca Hello). Saras is an indigo child, Saras can see invisible creatures like ghosts or jinns and the like. This is considered unreasonable by Lidya, thus making Lidya's relationship with Saras has a distance. Lidya increasingly worries about of…

  • Hantu Sei Ladi (2017)

    Title translation: The Ghost of Sei Ladi The ghost of the Sei Ladi bridge loves Viola. Her family’s effort to retrieve Viola from the ghost of Sei Ladi bridge never worked.