Film list based on genre "Horor" - 335 entry

  • Jaran Goyang (2018)

     (4/10) (1)

    Title translation: Rocking Horse Dirga (Ajun Perwira), the gardener, falls in love with Elena (Cut Meyriska), a popular dangdut singer. Dirga rejected by Elena who already has a boyfriend, Robert (Cris de Lima). Disappointed with Elena's decision, Dirga kills Robert and asks for black magic Rocking Horse to his aunt, bu Srintil (Nova Eliza). Success with…

  • Rasuk (2018)

     (3.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Possessed Langgir Janaka (Shandy Aulia) never understands why her dispute with her mother is never over. Mother continues to blame her for her father's accident. Even though her mother is married again, and lives happily with her new husband and has a baby boy, Bakula, they are still hostile. This unhappiness makes Langgir always…

  • Jailangkung 2 (2018)

     (4.5/10) (3)

    As the youngest child who never knows her mother, Tasya (Gabriella Quinlynn) feels lonely. She accidentally watchs an old video record of her father (Lukman Sardi), who communicated with the spirits of his deceased wife through Jailangkung. Tasya makes her own jailangkung and plays it in hopes of communicating with her late mother. This incident seems…

  • Kuntilanak (2018)

     (4/10) (2)

    A group of desperate children explore an abandoned house to win a reality show contest to prove the truth of Kuntilanak who likes to kidnap small children. Their adventure are a disaster when Kuntilanak enters the human world through an ancient mirror and hunts them as new victims.

  • Alas Pati (2018)

     (6/10) (2)

    Title translation: Dead Forest Rendy (Roy Sungkono), Raya (Nikita Willy), Dito Jeff Smith), Jessy (Naomi Paulinda), and Vega (Stefhanie Zamora) have a youtube channel with many subscribers because of extreme things and out of the box: wall climbing, mountain bike, photographs, and vlog in haunted place. One day they got a comment from their followers, that…

  • Sajen (2018)

     (1/10) (2)

    Title translation: The Offerings The three offerings in Pelita Bangsa high school is a mystery. Rumors say the offerings is a school effort to soothe the souls of the students who commit suicide for being bullied. Alanda (Amanda Manopo) attempts to break the bullying chain at school. Unlike the other students who are resigned when Bianca…

  • The Secret: Suster Ngesot Urban Legend (2018)

     (6/10) (6)

    Title translation: The Secret: Crawling Nurse Urban Legend Returning from Melbourne after finishing her studies, Kanaya (Nagita Slavina) is surprised by her father (Roy Marten) who married a woman of the same age as herself, Sofie (Tyas Mirasih). This makes Kanaya to leave home. On the way she has an accident: crash into a tree, but…

  • Kembang Kantil (2018)

     (4/10) (4)

    Title translation: Magnolia Flower In order to attend the theater performance Alisa (Irish Bella) goes to the house of his brother Anton (Fadika Royandi) and his wife Santi (Nafa Urbach). In the house Alisa meets Tania (Richelle Georgette Skonicki), the adopted daughter of Anton and Siska. Alisa immediately realized the weirdness of Tania's mysterious attitude. Alisa…

  • Nyungsang (2018)

    Title translation: Inverted Luh Tu Nesti's family is never complete. One by one the family members are died. The only survivors are the grandmother and Luh Nesti, grandchildren. In order to maintain the lineage and to live, the grandmother decides to ask for grace. She does not realize that the grace she gets could be misinterpreted,…

  • Danur 2: Maddah (2018)

     (5.5/10) (7)

    Risa (Prilly Latuconsina) has 3 ghost friends: Peter (Gamaharitz), William (Alexander Bain) and Jhansen (Kevin Bzezovski). Risa lives with her sister Riri (Sandrina Michelle), who is embarrassed with Risa's ability to see ghosts. Moreover, they temporarily have to stay together because their mother accompany their father working abroad. Their family, uncle Ahmad (Bucek), recently move to…