Film list based on genre "Horor" - 373 entry

  • Pintu Merah (2019)

     (9/10) (1)

    Title translation: Red Door Aya (Aura Kasih), a journalist, is in the process of observing a murder case. The dead body is found in a dream forest. But this murder is not just an ordinary murder. There is a mist of mystery in it. The case drags her further and further into horror.

  • Suwung (2019)

    Title translation: Void Once upon a time Nyi Patek (Nani Yudi) often terrorized the people of Karangnongko village at the foot of Mount Merapi. She kidnapped children to become slaves. At that time also in Karangnongko stood a hermitage led by Ki Iklik (Iklik Sudibyo), which made Nyi Patek able to be crippled and locked in…

  • Ikut Aku ke Neraka (2019)

    Title translation: Follow Me to Hell The happiness of Lita (Clara Bernadeth) and her husband Rama (Rendy Kjarnet) do not last long because Lita is often terrorized by creepy female creatures. Rama brings Mr. Adam to clean their house from the ghost disturbance. Mr Adam explaines that this terror does not come from the house but…

  • Kuntilanak 2 (2019)

     (3.5/10) (2)

    Dinda (Sandrinna Skornicki) who escapes the Kuntilanak (female vampirc ghost) terror, without the agreement of Aunt Donna (Nena Rosier), intends to meet someone who is believed to be her biological mother, Karmila (Karina Suwandi). Together with his younger siblings and accompanied by Julia (Susan Sameh) and Edwin (Maxime Bouttier), they are trapped in a house in…

  • Ghost Writer (2019)

     (5.5/10) (2)

    An old diary containing dark secrets. For Galih (Ge Pamungkas), this book is a defense against the prejudice of his parents. For Naya (Tatjana Saphira), this book is good material for his latest novel after three years of dry ideas. Then a cooperation between two different worlds begins.

  • #Malam Jumat The Movie (2019)

     (5.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: #Thursday¬† Night the Movie To provide a different experience to his subscribers, Ewing (Ewing HD) tries something new by exploring a playground called the Wonder Park that had been abandoned for a long time. With his team, Agan (Putra Dinata), Oji (Ajil Ditto), Wingky (Harris Illano Vriza), and Lulu (Dea Annisa), they find jacket…

  • Roh Fasik (2019)

     (1/10) (1)

    Title translation: Wicked Spirit Akbar (Evan Sanders) loses his belief in religion and God after the death of Zahra (Zaskia Sungkar), his wife, to the point that he even refuses to teach his religion's ways to their daughter Amira (Messi Gusti). He remarries, to a woman named Renata (Denira Wiraguna), but his new marriage isn't as…

  • Arwah Noni Belanda (2019)

     (1/10) (1)

    Title translation: The Spirit of a Dutch Girl In Batavia in 1834 lived Hellen Van Stolch (Milena Tunguz). Hellen was the only daughter of a Dutch-German landlord who had a large plantation: Jacob Van Stolch (Maurie Chevalier). The tragic story that she experienced made her spirit remain detained in earth until now, One day her story…

  • Sekte (2019)

     (6/10) (2)

    Title translation: The Sect Lia (Asmara Abigail) is experiencing memory loss after an accident. When awakened, she is in a large, isolated house. It is a place of community consisting of people who do not have a home and relatives. They live in harmony and look after each other. They are the ones who help Lia…

  • Pocong the Origin (2019)

     (7.5/10) (2)

    Ananta (Surya Saputra), a cold-blooded killer has been executed by the State. Sasthi (Nadya Arina), his only daughter, has to deliver her father's body to be buried in his hometown. Accompanied by Yama (Samuel Rizal), the prison guard, the two race with time to reach the village of Ananta. This becomes increasingly difficult because various magical…