Film list based on genre "Drama" - 2031 entry

  • Selembar Itu Berarti (2018)

    Title translation: The Piece that Means The film tells about the difficulties of Diaz and his sister Putri after being left by their parents in survival and pursuing their dream to be able to complete their education. Even in order to write, they must collect used paper. They pass the difficulties of life with gratitude.

  • 5PM: Dia yang Hatinya Terpaut pada Masjid (2018)

    Title translation: 5MC: He Whose Heart Is Attatched to the Mosque Gani (Faisal Azhar Harahap) who is always alone in the Al Kautsar mosque, this time gets unusual guests: Budi (Aditya Surya Pratama) who failed to leave for England, Abian (Zikri Daulay), a musician who rarely gets job, Usman (Zaky Ahmad Rivai ), zipper factory worker…

  • Anak Negeri Megalith (2018)

    Title translation: The Children of the Megalith Country The story of children living in conflict and poor families. The difficulties they are experiencing raise their spirit to have a better future. One by one the difficult conflicts block the way to reach their dream.

  • Assalamualaikum Calon Imam (2018)

     (10/10) (1)

    Title translation: Assalamualaikum the Would Be Imam Fisya (Natasha Rizki) keeps in heart her love for Jidan (Andi Arsyil), his neighbor. She hopes to be proposed by Jidan. But, Jidan proposes Salsya (Merdi Octavia), Fisya’s sister, a doctor. Unexpectedly Fisya meets Alif (Miller Khan) in an accident. Fisya is trying to rescue a little girl who…

  • 212 The Power of Love (2018)

     (6.5/10) (13)

    Rahmat (Fauzi Baadila), journalist of Republic magazine, gets word that his mother died. He goes home to Ciamis, after 10 years has never returned. In Ciamis Rahmat reunites with Yasna, a childhood friend whom he secretly still admires. After his mother's funeral, Rahmat intends to return to Jakarta, but he knows that his father, Ki Zainal,…

  • EL (2018)

     (10/10) (1)

    Dafychi (Aurelie Moeremans), a double personality girl, never thinks that her monotonous and boring life suddenly becomes more colorful since meeting Mario Adipati (Achmad Megantara), a successful young authoritarian and cold-hearted successful entrepreneur. They are united together thanks to Dafyna (Aurelie Moeremans), an alter ego of Dafychi. Mario feels himself destined to complete the missing part…

  • Ananta (2018)

     (5.5/10) (2)

    Tania (Michelle Ziudith), is anti-social and filled with fantasies that she always pour into her canvas. She is also a type of rebel girl. Ananta (Fero Walandouw), hick, simple and innocent, is often insulted and treated undeserved by Tania. However, Ananta still accompany Tania in everyday life. Ananta introduces Pierre (Nino Fernandez) to Tania. Indo-french guy,…

  • Sunset di Pantai Losari (2018)

    Title translation: Sunset in Losari Beach Tenri's determination to finish college and refuse to be married to her cousin, Faizal, is a defiance. For Tenri's grandmother, completing a lecture is just an excuse because Tenri wants to keep in touch with her lover, Mario. Grandmother's anger, as well as the torture of his uncle Umar, does…

  • Terbang: Menembus Langit (2018)

     (5.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Fly: Breaking the Sky Born in a simple family in Tarakan does not make Onggy (Dion Wiyoko) to stop dreaming. He wants to see the world, get out of Borneo. After getting the blessing from his family, Onggy goes to continue his studies to Surabaya. Armed with the values of life given by his…

  • Melawan Takdir (2018)

     (10/10) (1)

    Title translation: Against the Fate Hamdan was born from a poor family in Mallari village. His father died when he was a child. The loss of a husband makes Madinah, Hamdan's mother, to have a big responsibility for her four children. Hamdan's illiterate mother became the backbone of the family by selling her woven sarong. So,…