Film list based on genre "Comedy" - 677 entry

  • Kekasih Gelap (1996)

    (title translation: Secret Lover) Johan is displeased with his stepmother so he retreats to a cottage by the sea. On a luxury yacht, a husband and wife are having a quarrel, and their daughter, Indah, suddenly falls into the sea. Johan finds Indah unconscious near the cottage and he takes care of her. Then, Hesti, a…

  • Gairah 100% (1997)

     (10/10) (4)

    (title translation: 100% Desire) Jerry does not realise that his best friend, Cindy, loves him. Even when he is going out with Nuke, Cindy, who is jealous, does not show her feelings. After Nuke goes abroad to study, Jerry realises that he also loves Cindy.

  • Cinta 24 Karat (2003)

    (title translation: 24 Carat Love) Shana, a-19-year-old, has 24-carat diamond implants in her teeth. She lives with her cousin, Vantje, while studying in Sydney. Vantje feels that he has to find Shana her perfect partner. So he pairs her off to Jacky. They get along well, but then Jacky has to go back to Jakarta, so…

  • Kwaliteit 2 (2003)

    (title translation: Quality 2) Four freshmen, Santoso, Sly, Limin, and Zulfikar, are competing with their seniors, led by Vanco. As fighting is forbidden inside the campus, they resolve the conflict through a pillow fight contest. With the help of a retired warrior, Santoso and friends go on a training program. The competition shows flashbacks of their…

  • Ketika (2004)

     (4.5/10) (2)

    (title translation: When) Many conglomerate executives choose to commit suicide when they are bankrupt or caught for corruption. Tajir, who is such a case, calls off his plan to commit suicide, when he remembers his wife and daughter, Mutiara. His bankruptcy in business leads to poverty, when all his properties are confiscated. Tajir then becomes a…

  • Kejar Jakarta (2005)

     (1/10) (1)

    (title translation: Chase Jakarta) Ujang, a young man from Cibatu, West Java, travels to Jakarta in the hope of becoming wealthy. He leaves Neng, his lover, behind. Ujang meets Dadang, whom people say has been successful. It turns out that the news is false as Dadang is poor. Then they manage to deceive Dewo, the conglomerate…

  • X-Tra Absurd! (2019)

    Raisa gets a mysterious birthday present: Bi Asuh who claims to be a maid. Instead of alleviating, Bi Asuh actually creates a lot of problems. Besides Raisa’s grandmother suffering more, her sister also disappears. Raisa asks her friends to find her sister and drive out Bi Asuh.