Film list based on genre "Comedy" - 709 entry

  • Scandal Makers (2023)

    Oscar (Vino G Bastian), a has-been celebrity, is dying to get his name back up. An opportunity finally appears albeit in form of a scandal: his love child from the past, Karin (Beby Tsabina), suddenly shows up, with a baby of her own named Gempa (Jared Ali).

  • Cek Toko Sebelah 2 (2022)

     (10/10) (2)

    Title translation: Check the Next Store 2 Continuing the story of two brothers Erwin (Ernest Prakasa) and Yohan (Dion Wiyoko) in Cek Toko Sebelah. Erwin proposes to Natalie (Laura Basuki), his girlfriend. Agnes (Maya Hasan), Natalie's mother, becomes a hindrance. She couldn't trust Erwin one hundred percent, partly due to differences in social class, which according…

  • The Big 4 (2022)

     (8/10) (1)

    When she was appointed as a police officer, Dina's father (Putri Marino), Petrus (Budi Ros), was killed. Three years have passed and the case has not been resolved. Dina asks for time off and is determined to find her father's killer. Armed with a photograph, she is able to meet Topan (Abimana Aryasatya), his father's “son”…

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love (2022)

    Surya (Dimas Anggara) goes to Yogyakarta by night bus and sits next to Asti (Susan Sameh), whom he saves from pranksters. Unexpectedly, the meeting with Asti changes Surya's life, both in love and in his relationship with his parents.

  • Gendut Siapa Takut?! (2022)

    Title translation: Who’s Afraid of Fat?! Moza Aphrodite (Marshanda), 28 years old, a best-selling romance novel writer, is often demanded by her mother to get married. Despite being fat, Moza is very confident with herself. One day at a book signing event, Moza is surprised by the presence of Nareswara Radeva (Wafda Saifan Lubis), her childhood…

  • Lara Ati (2022)

     (8.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Heartache Joko (Bayu Skak) faces the fact that he doesn't like his job and his parents don't support his dream of becoming a designer. Plus, Joko is left by his fiancée, Farah (Sahila Hisham). Joko's life is a mess. His meeting with Ayu (Tatjana Saphira), his childhood friend, sparks his hopes again. With Ayu's…

  • Mendarat Darurat (2022)

     (7/10) (2)

    Surviving an accident is something that should be good news for many people. However, this does not apply to Glenn (Reza Rahardian), because he who is supposed to be the victim of the plane crash, actually survives because he is having an affair with Kania (Luna Maya) at a hotel. Glenn's confusion increases because he has…

  • Jodohku yang Mana? (2022)

     (6/10) (1)

    Title translation: Who is My Soul Mate? When Ros (Arlita Reggiana) is positively pregnant, Tiar (Andi Arsyil) decides to go to Jakarta with his friends Sakka (Zakaribo) and Dodi (Dodi Mahuze) to find work as well as looking for his father's family who is said to be rich in Jakarta to help his family in debt.…

  • Mertua vs Menantu (2022)

    Title translation: Mother in Law vs Daughter in Law When Risyad (Morgan Oey) has to go to Singapore for work, his mother, Hany (Ira Maya Sopha), comes from Pontianak to visit her friend who is sick with cancer at the hospital. This makes Bianca (Velove Vexia), Risyad’s wife, who feels that she is not compatible with…

  • Ghost Writer 2 (2022)

     (7.5/10) (2)

    The success of her second novel makes Naya (Tatjana Sapira) famous. Unfortunately she is more labeled as a psychic than a writer. This makes Naya resentful and reluctant to deal with the ghost world again. However, everything changes when her future husband Vino (Deva Mahenra) suddenly dies.