Film list based on genre "Children" - 85 entry

  • Bombe’ Dua: Dumba’-Dumba’ (2016)

     (6/10) (10)

    Aya, Sesha, Yudi, Zaki, Kayla, Rara are now friends in a classroom unlike in Bombe 1. However, their friendship is disturbed when Yudi’s and Zaki’s father pick up them both at school. These parents turned out to hold a grudge for long time. Zaki's father had been imprisoned because of Yudi’s father's testimony in court. Hostilities…

  • Petualangan Singa Pemberani Atlantos (2016)

     (2.5/10) (4)

    Title translation: The Adventure of the Brave Lion: Atlantos After Paddle Pop defeated the Shadow Master, the peace in Lion Kingdom receives new threats from the ocean ruler. A greedy mining company dredges marine resources without regard to the environment to make the wrath of Khan, the Shark General. With the Pearls Destroyer in his hand,…

  • Bombe' (2014)

    Title translation: Hostility Six children who love to fight, united by common fate: being in a ghost town. Moreover, they are dispersed into three groups. When searching for friends who are separated and news of their parents, the six children help each other. In the midst of the search, Kayla’s leg was severely injured. This makes…

  • Suka Suka Super Seven dan Idola Cilik dalam Habis Gelap Menuju Terang (2014)

    Title translation: Super Seven & Kid Idol in From Darkness to Brightness The film tells three stories. Among them is about Super 7 when hit by crisis. Assisted by their management, they visited the shelter of cancer patients and the slums of Jakarta. Then they discover that life does not always go smoothly as expected.

  • Para Pemburu Gajah (2014)

    Title translation: Elephant Hunters A Sumatran baby elephant being hunted for smuggling. This incident draws the attention of five children who is camping near there. The tension is rising when the hunters make ​​ the five children their target. In the dense forest they have to flee by car. Arriving in the city, they bring the…

  • Princess, Pirates & Aliens (2014)

     (7/10) (1)

    The first Indonesian child omnibus film who raise four stories about friendship, family, and courage. The first story, Grandma Mystery House (director: Eko Kristianto) is the adventure of brothers who spend their vacation at grandma's house. Then proceed with the story Babeh Oh Babeh (Alfani Wiryawan) which is about a boy who embarrass at the profession…

  • 1000 Balon (2013)

     (10/10) (1)

    Title translation: 1000 Balloons Resti (Safa Azahra Siregar) is thinkling about her parents breakup plan. As lovers of detective story she is on vacation in Sentul with Alvin (Ihsan Wibisana Nasution), Dhita (Aisha Aqilah), Melodi (Veadora), Junot (Baharudin), and Junot parents. He brake away from his friends to make a wish in the forest behind the…

  • Petualangan Lollypop (2013)

     (5/10) (1)

    Title translation: The Adventure of Lollypop A group of children’s adventure to uncover a syndicate of child trafficking. Five kids try to escape from the thugs who kidnapped them. With wit and team spirit, the five fool their kidnappers.  

  • I’m Star (2013)

    Mella (Natasha Dematra), a beautiful and sociable OSIS chief (an extracurricular organisation in high school), changes when autistic students move to her school. They are Arya (Arianda Wiradipa Prabowo), Abhy (Made Dwara Abhy), Shinta Andhityas (Cintya Widianna) and Ervitha (Ervitha Puspa Dhewie). Mella is haunted by the memory her brother who was allegedly autistic too. He…

  • Leher Angsa (2013)

     (5.5/10) (2)

    Title translation: Goose Neck There’s a village where all the inhabitants defecate in the river. The only hygienic toilet facility in the area is the Goose Neck toilet owned by the village head. In the village there lives a smart boy named Aswin who loves reading. He lost his mother when a training light aircraft fell…