Member Rating System Method

9-10 stars

Very good. Flawless audiovisual technique and storytelling. Story theme and subject in the film is significant to the era. New or exceeding approach in film.

7-8 stars

Good. Adequate audiovisual technique and storytelling, and in accordance to story theme and subject. Approach in film may not new, but have the potential to open new insight and meaning towards the subject.

5-6 stars

Decent. Adequate audiovisual technique and storytelling. Well executed approach in film, although lacking newness.

3-4 stars

Bad. Many flaws in audiovisual technique and storytelling. Applied approach is not suited to what the story needs, although the film as a creation is still whole.

1-2 stars

Very bad. Inadequate audiovisual technique and storitelling. As a creation, the film lacks wholeness.