On English Catalogue

This project started when we built this website. The proposed plan was to translate the main data of the film titles, ranging from the production year of 1926 until 2010. The goal of this project is to view the list and information for Indonesian films in the form of main data for the non-Indonesian speaking visitors.

The project is not entirely finished, since the work on the catalogue itself is not. Our database team still has a lot of work to do, mainly to complete data for each film. Furthermore, we will keep adding more and more titles to this catalogue, one title at a time. And of course, to make an entirely bilingual website (including people catalogue and articles) for visitors from around the world.

Inside the English Catalogue menu, you can see the information for 2,812 Indonesian feature films produced and released in 1926 until mid-2011. The information include basic data (title, release date, duration, technical information), list of cast and crews, and important notes. You will see that most of the films do not have main English titles, so we took the liberty to translate the titles with regards to the context offered in these titles.

This project would not have been completed without the help of our friends, who graciously offered to spend some time doing the translation. To Margaret Rose Agusta and Bunga Bahasa, who managed the translations for 1990-2006 films. Also to Ecco Films (Orlow Seunke and Suryani Liauw), with whom we collaborate on translating the whole catalogue.

The English catalogue project for Indonesian films (1926-2011) is developed with the full support of the National Museum of Singapore. The whole English catalogue is edited by Philip Cheah with inputs from Film Indonesia’s database team.



In 1995, JB Kristanto (senior film critic and ex-journalist) pioneered the full publishing of Katalog Film Indonesia 1926-1995 (Indonesian Film Catalogue) based on personal initiative, and helped by SM Ardan (film curator of Sinematek Indonesia). This book contains data of Indonesian feature films produced in 1926 to 1994. Based on the same initiative, the Indonesian Film Catalogue was published again in 2007 containing data for films produced in 1926-2007. To be able to provide continuous Indonesian film data in the form of periodical catalogue, JB Kristanto with Lisabona Rahman menerbitkan published a bilingual (Indonesian and English) catalogue entitled Indonesian Film Catalogue 2008 in 2008. The book contains data for films produced in 2007 up to early 2008.

Information on Katalog Film Indonesia: www.nalar.co.id



The publishing of Katalog Film Indonesia (2007 and 2008 edition) always receives a good response. Unfortunately, the public have limited access to this publication. This is caused by the high cost of book production, making the book price too expensive. Furthermore, the book distribution system operating in Indonesia also cause difficulties for the wide spread of the book.

To solve this problem, JB Kristanto with Lisabona Rahman and Konfiden Foundation work together to create FILMINDONESIA.OR.ID (FI). This website provides complete data and information on Indonesian film. The format change has the purpose of diminishing any limits that book format and distribution have, and making the information accessible to the public quickly, easily, and not as expensive.

Of course this initiative cannot work without an institution that supports the whole operation and development of the website. Thus, the initiators agreed to make FILMINDONESIA.OR.ID as a program of Konfiden Foundation.

Konfiden Foundation

Konfiden Foundation is a non profit foundation that develops and spreads the knowledge of audio visual and the benefit for society's own initiative. Until 2010, Konfiden's program covers Education (workshops, library, publishing, research, and production consultancy), Production (Visual Proposal and Guerilla Cinema), and Exhibition (Konfiden Short Film Festival, Tawuran High School Short Film Festival, and other film screenings). However, now Konfiden focuses more on database and archiving, starting from the short film collection in the Videotek Konfiden, and grew into Film Indonesia website.



JB Kristanto - Editor

Writer of three editions of Katalog Film Indonesia. He is widely known as a senior film critic. After retiring as a journalist at Kompas Daily, he is actively running his own publishing company, and supervise all operations in Film Indonesia.

Lisabona Rahman - Editor

Lisa starts writing about Indonesian film in the Sunday Jakarta Post. Then she was appointed as the program manager of Kineforum of the Jakarta Arts Council (established in October 2006). Lisa has just finished her graduate study on Moving Image and Audiovisual Preservation at the University of Amsterdam, and is currently undergoing a work training at L'Immagine Ritrovata, Bologna, Italy.

Totot Indrarto - Ko-EditorPraktisi periklanan yang dikenal sebagai pengamat perfilman dan kritikus film ini juga rajin menulis seputar teknologi infomasi dan komunikasi, iklan, dan sepakbola. Tulisan-tulisan Totot dapat dibaca melalui blog pribadinya (http://www.pakde.com/) yang ‘terbit’ sejak 2004. Pada 2010, Totot menjadi tim seleksi dan juri Festival Film Indonesia.

Totot Indrarto - Co-Editor

This ad man is also widely known as film observer and critic. He is also actively writing about information and communication technology, advertisement, and football. His writings can be read in his personal blog. Since 2010, Totot have been regularly take part in the organization of Indonesian Film Festival.

Dedy Arnov - Technology Manager

Dedy learned about internet technology by himself, and he keeps practicing and developing this knowledge through Film Indonesia website. In Konfiden Foundation, Dedy holds the position of Program Director.

Agus Mediarta - Manajer Program

Agus is known as a film programmer. But he is foremost a strong researcher for many fields. In Konfiden Foundation, Agus holds the position of Program Development Assistant

Arie Kartikasari - Administrasi Program

Tika finished her film production study at the Jakarta Arts Institute in 2007. She was also a teaching assistant for several classes, and was involved in many film productions and film festivals. Now she is responsible for the administration for editorial and database for Film Indonesia.

Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu - Writer

Adrian is one of the founders of Cinema Poetica, a film analysis site. Previously, he was responsible as a programmer at Kinoki, an alternative screening space in Yogyakarta (2007-2010). Presently, Adrian is actively writing film reviews for Film Indonesia website, Cinema Poetica, and editing Fovea magazine.

Amalia Sekarjati - Writer

Sekar just graduated from Multimedia Nusantara University, majoring in Communication. She has been active as a volunteer at Kineforum since she was still in high school. And now she is the publicist of Kineforum

Deden Ramadani - Data Input Staff

Deden has known film since high school. As an amateur short filmmaker, some of his works have received awards in various festivals. He is currently undergoing his study at the Indonesian University, majoring in Sociology.